Competency Profiling System

Skillgame is a web-based platform that instantly allows to generate the profile/score of each participant on a specific set of hard skills.

Skillgame can be integrated on the company website and social networks. Artémat has developed a dedicated database of questions (for example: problem solving, marketing, project management, new technologies, etc.). It is possible to customise the thematic areas according to the clients need.

  • Simple and engaging

    The web interface is user-friendly and the timer of each question generates the right "adrenaline".

  • Mapping of skills

    At the end of the Skillgame, the participant can check the score obtained for each thematic area and the total score.

  • Customisable

    The Skillgame can be customised: thematic areas, number of questions, complexity, statistics and profiles the company looks for.

  • Evaluation tool

    Skillgame allows to evaluate the skills gap and the effectiveness of the training course.

  • It reduce time and costs
    of recruitment and assessment sctivities

    Skillgame is the ideal solution for high-visibility and large-scale recruitment campaigns, with the focus on specific profiles.



The Interface

  • Online

    Skillgame can be integrated on the company website or on a dedicated platform. It is possible to play at any time of the day.

  • Database of questions

    The questions of each single thematic area are characterized by: a different degree of complexity, a timer and a set of multiple choices answers. The questions are extracted randomly from the database.

  • Time Management

    Participants have to manage the time available in order to answer every single question.

Interfaccia Skillgame
  • Score

    The platform maps the skills of participant, generating a score for each thematic area and an overall score.

  • Look and Feel

    The Skillgame interface can be customised according to the "look and feel" of the client.

  • Social Sharing

    It is possible to share the score obtained on the main social networks.