Artémat supports companies in innovative activities of Employer Branding, Talent Scouting and Training

We design and manage online, onsite, and blended Business Game Competition,
involving young talents in a creative and innovative way.

Business Games

The Business Games are innovative training tools for the management simulation that allows to reproduce the dynamics and logics of a particular economic scenario: simulation projects the participants in a competition, characterized by problem solving, creativity, strategic analysis and decision making.

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Employer Branding, Training&Recruitment

Employer Branding and “attraction” projects have a strong impact of communication towards the young talents, promoting the brand image (identity) of corporate.

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Engineering Enterprise

Our team designs and manages different and complex systems. We support companies towards the continuous improvement, identifying the best practice and evaluating the main corporate performances.

Artémat tools represent a contact point among recruiting, gaming and "learning by doing".

The latest keyword of the recruitment is "gamification:" the use of the features of the game to evaluate the hard and the soft skills of the players in a individual or team working context.

The Business Simulations are the perfect recruitment, training and employer branding tools to achieve the previous goals. In addition, Artémat desings and develops new technology solutions in HR area for complex projects and employer branding activities ( Artémat tools are the following:

Skill Game     Business Game     Web InBasket      Serious Game      Employer Branding and Talent Attraction

The Business Games are innovative tools which can be integrated into University courses, MBA programmes, Business School programmes and courses of Higher Education in Polytechnics and Colleges. They offer students of business theory a higher level of engagement with business issues. The Business Simulations are an excellent tools to learn the dynamics and logics of a real company: the students can test their hard and soft skills (problem solving, decision making and team working), understanding in easy and engaging way how a firm works from all the points of view.

Skill Game     Business Game     Serious Game

Artémat collaborates together with Startups Incubator and Accelerators, managing Business Plan and Business Game Competition. The aim is to stimulate and boost the entrepreneurial capacity of beginners through different training paths (Elevator Pitch, Business Model Canvas, Skillgame, Business Game, etc.).

In particular, Artémat has developed Start Up Business Game where Start-up companies compete in the market of mobile applications. The goal is to develop and sell a mobile application on Android and/or the iOS market using a free, paid or freemium business model. Business success is determined by the market value of the start-up, calculated on the basis of the value of the assets, both tangible and intangible (intellectual capital).

Skill Game     Business Game

Artémat collaborates together with training centers, Universities and Business Schools promoting in their activities the use of business games to test and develop the hard and soft skills of the participants. Artémat gives the opportunity to customize the business game according the client needs.

The following Universities use our tools: Toyo of Tokyo, Milan, Sassari, Pisa, Ferrara, Reggio Calabria, Cosenza, Venezia, Bologna, etc.

Skill Game     Business Game