Business Game

What Business Games Are

Our Business Games are innovative, engaging and unconventional managerial tools that allow to reproduce the dynamics and logics of a specific business scenario. The participants, grouped in teams, face a common competitive situation in order to stimulate the application of their problem solving, creativity, strategic analysis and decision-making skills.

Each team leads a virtual company, implementing a competitive strategy, with the aim to maximise the market value of the company. Business Game is composed of a number of rounds (from 3 to 6): each round simulates six months of operability of the company on the market. Round by round, an analysis and comparison process characterizes the decision-making activities.

Business Game Studio

The Business Game Studio platform (BGS) was created by Artémat using Java technology. The platform is characterized by a Java class library (BGL - Business Game Library) which allows to customise the different components of a generic Business Game. BGS uses a specific formal language, BGLa – Business Game Language, developed by Artémat to design and implement the economic models (virtual scenario).

Business Game Features

  • Flexibility and Customization

    The Artémat Business Game Studio platform allows to design, develop and customize a new economic model on the basis of client needs: definition of strategic variables, key performance indicators, economic parameters, number of rounds, and much more.

  • “What-if” logic

    Round by round, participants have to implement a strategy, and then evaluate the results obtained. The consistency between decisions and available resources, strategic planning and analysis of competitors are the key elements that determine the winning team.

  • Evaluation of Intellectual Capital

    The Artémat Business Games are among the first to consider the importance of Intellectual Capital in determining the market value of a company.

  • User friendly web interface

    The web interface is designed to be user-friendly, eye-catching, and equipped with tools to help with business analysis (reports, calculator and other information).

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