Business Game

What Business Games Are

The Business Games are innovative training tools for the management simulation that allows to reproduce the dynamics and logics of a particular economic scenario: simulation projects the participants in a competition, characterized by problem solving, creativity, strategic analysis and decision making. The Business Games are "unconventional” training tools, intuitive, dynamic and engaging that best represent the paradigm of “learning by doing "and" learning by thinking".

Business Game Features

The Artémat Business Games use the web-based platform with client-server architecture Business Game Studio (BGS), made with Java™ technology.

  • Flexibility and Customization

    The platform allows a high degree of customization of the Business Game. In fact, based on the specific needs of clients, it is possible to configure the competitive scenario, strategic variables, the measurement system of performance indicators, the economic parameters, the number of rounds, and much more.

  • User Friendly Web Interface

    The web interface is designed to be easily use, eye-catching, personalized and equipped with all the main tools (report, calculator, info, etc.).

  • In/Out Logic

    The logical structure of each Business Game is constituted by a set of strategic levers (Input) and by a set of logical mathematical relations (Output) calculated by the simulator. The instrument of learning lies in the cycle logical decision making/evaluation of results and its recurrence in conditions more or less changed.

  • Evaluation of Intellectual Capital

    The Artémat Business Games are among the first to consider the importance of Intellectual Capital in determining the market value of a company.


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