Web In Basket

Web In Basket

E-mails, notes, chat messages, phone calls. Decision making and time assessment.

Web In Basket is a individual role-playing game platform.
This platform simulates a particular scenario where the candidate has to make many choices related to a specific event.

The aim of this simulation is to analyze how the candidate organizes the information, analyzes the problem solving skill and makes a decision. The candidate plays the role manager that has clearly gained a position and he has to make a choice in short time to solve a particular problem like organizing the work, involve employees, make action plan, respond to calls and mail.

  • On line game

    The candidate performs the online assessment test. This optimize time and cost of recruitment process and allows the recruiter to manage a larger number of profiles.

  • Soft Skills Assessment

    The platform allows the recruiter to evaluate the soft skill of the candidate such as: analysis and judgment, management priority, management time, planning, delegation skills and stress management.

  • Customization Scenario

    The platform is divided in two main parts the administrator interface and the player interface. The administrator interface allows to defines different simulation scenarios, specific to the needs of the company with different difficulties.

  • Hard Skills Assessment

    The platform allows the administrators to Interact and combine the skillgame platform.