Serious Game

Serious Game

Serious games are simulations of real-world events or processes designed for the purpose of solving a problem by playing.

The Serious Game implements the concept of learning and gain understanding of situations. The software allows to interact with real scenarios.

Riproponendo situazioni reali, permettono all’utente/giocatore di agire in uno scenario simulato che serve da ‘palestra’ per l’apprendimento.

  • Learning by playing

    This software allows you to stimulate, memory, alertness and concentration, making decisions and analyze the context.

  • Assessment

    It is possible to use this software during the (initial phase/position) to verify the knowledge and skills of users, or in the final stage to immediate verification of the users’s skills (acquired/ learned) by the users.

  • Interactive Simulation

    This software can be used during the training process to allow interactive simulation of the test for a (mid-term/ intermediate) evaluation.

  • Customization Scenario

    We can define different types of simulations scenarios with different levels, based on the needs of the company.